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Benefits of Acupuncture

What are some benefits of Acupuncture?

Body, Mind, Soul Harmony

  • calms the nervous system

  • stimulates the release of endorphins

  • promotes the body's natural healing cascade

  • supports the body to function optimally 

  • improves circulation and relieves tension

  • helps the body flush out toxins

  • cultivates balance and well-being

What conditions can Acupuncture help manage?

Acupuncture restores balance to the body and can be effective for regulating many different symptoms and conditions. 

Every person responds differently to treatment and results may vary depending on severity and duration of symptom or condition.

Below, are some of the conditions for which Acupuncture can provide relief.

Do's & Don'ts

What to keep in mind
for your treatment?

What to ​Do...

  • be sure to eat a little something before your treatment

  • rest after your treatment and let your body receive and integrate all of the benefits

  • wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing to the appointment

  • empty your bladder before your treatment

  • drink plenty of water after the appointment to help flush toxins out of the body


What Not to do...

  • do not consume alcohol before your appointment

  • do not eat a large meal right before your treatment

  • do not move while the acupuncture needles are inserted

  • do not engage in heavy lifting or vigorous exercise immediately after treatment

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